Your specialist in Parkinson’s and movement disorders



Dr Volc was born 1953 and graduated from University of Innsbruck Medical School in 1978.
He was a resident in medicine, later in neurology and psychiatry at the Lainz Hospital in Vienna.
In 1985 he became a full specialist in neurology.
He started to establish programmes for neurogeriatrics, assessment of stroke risk factors, and prevention and treatment of stroke, and founded a neurosonology lab.
From 1990 to 1994 he worked with Professor Walther Birkmayer, the founder of L-DOPA therapy for Parkinson’s disease. Dr Volc has treated more than 6000 Parkinson patients to date.
In 1994, he became the head of the Neurology Department at the Confraternitaet Josefstadt Hospital in Vienna.
He is also the CEO and CMO of Prosenex AmbulatoriumbetriebsgesmbH, an outpatient facility for pharmacological studies in neurogeriatric disorders.
He is involved on a consultant basis in the activities of various nonprofit organisations in the field of Parkinson’s and RLS.